Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

To this day, my career has been paved with amazing, yet often challenging learning experiences. I'm not talking about the 10 things to consider when financing a startup or the top techniques to unleash your sales potential. I am referring to what life brings your way such as dealing with a personal crisis, when having to deal with a tremendous level of stress or losing the passion that used to be your driving force, feeling exhausted and depressed or going through other typical and usually very difficult experiences that many entrepreneurs and executives encounter on their path to wisdom. Oftentimes, these low-point periods are dealt with in silence and kept under the radar, out of fear of disturbing what seems to be a very fragile equilibrium.

I, for one, used to win every battle until I eventually lost significant ones. I went through divorce, depression and major corporate crisis, to name a few. Rather than pulling me down, these experiences have enriched my life because I learned a lot about myself, life and also witnessed the transformation of some of my personal values and beliefs. In the face of adversity, I always found my way through and feel very blessed today to be able to help others. 

I have a genuine desire to share some of those learnings with the only expectation that it might help others.  It may not be obvious to all of us, but I can affirm with confidence that  a great gift awaits those who take the risk of building their own path instead of following conventional wisdom.